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Donation Methods

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Your bequest means the world to Po Leung Kuk and all our beneficiaries.

If you could let us know about your intended bequest in advance, it would help us honour your wish and plan our long-term services accordingly.

Bequest Intention Form

We welcome any form of bequest and donation, and will allocate donations optimally to specified groups or areas in strict adherence with the instructions of our benefactors. Please contact us to enquire further.

Tel: 2277 8500

Fax: 2576 4509

Email: [email protected]


1. Estate Bequest

  • Monetary bequest: you could specify a sum for donation to PLK when drawing up or updating a will.
  • Residual bequest: you could specify that any residual sum, after deducting other bequests, taxes, expenses and liabilities, be donated to PLK in part or in full, thus ensuring the loved ones are taken care of while the excess is used for good causes through PLK.
  • Asset bequest: you could specify that certain assets, such as stocks, real estate, gold and jewellery, be donated to PLK.

It is simple to include PLK in your will:

Step 1: Your lawyer can propose various means of bequeathing based on your asset portfolio.

Step 2: Once the means of bequest is determined, you can name a familiar or trusted person to be the executor of your will.

Step 3: The lawyer will draft your will, which shall be signed by you and a witness.

Step 4: You can inform your loved ones and family members about the will to ensure that your wishes will be honoured. If you wish, you can fill in our online Bequest Intention Form to inform PLK your kind decision to include PLK in your will.


If you have questions about drawing up your will, you can approach members of the Law Society of Hong Kong who offer a free initial legal consultation not exceeding 45 minutes. Please visit the Society’s website for reference (select: Area of Practice > Wills and Probate)


2. Insurance Bequest

You can include PLK as a beneficiary in your life insurance policies to bequeath PLK with part or all of the proceeds (eg. xx% for family members, xx% for PLK) as your way of sharing your love for the benefit of the community.


How to include PLK as your insurance beneficiary?

Step 1: Name Po Leung Kuk as a beneficiary in your life insurance policies, and set the percentage of the proceeds for the bequest.

Step 2: Complete relevant forms and submit the beneficiary update to your insurance agent.

Step 3: Obtain beneficiary update confirmation from the insurance company.

Step 4: Fill in our online Bequest Intention Form to inform PLK your kind decision to include PLK as your insurance beneficiary.


Information of PLK as your insurance beneficiary:

Organisation: Po Leung Kuk

Address: 66 Leighton Road, Hong Kong

Registration: Hong Kong Laws Chapter 1040


3. Condolence Gifts Donation

You can consider gifting the condolence money from a funeral or a memorial service to PLK in loving memory of your departed loved one and keep alive the kind thoughts of by benefitting others in need.

Condolence Gifts Donation Form