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Social Services

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Social Services

Although walking and other physical training exercises are an important part of an overall treatment programme, the scope of physiotherapy services is of a wide range and includes many other options, including shockwave therapy, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy and clinical pilates.

Parents who wish to enrol their children to K1 classes in KGs joining the Scheme (Scheme-KGs) are required to apply to EDB for the Registration Certificate for KG Admission” (hereafter referred to as “RC”) from September to November 2023. If a Scheme-KG is approved to collect a tuition fee upon receipt of Government subsidies, parents should pay the tuition fee by monthly instalments. The amount of tuition fee per instalment (if applicable) and the number of instalments are shown on the “Fees Certificate” issued by EDB to the KG.

(Source: Education Bureau)


  Registration Certificate for KG Admission

Yes. You can apply for the KCFRS if the subsidy from PEVS is inadequate to cover the tuition fee and your family is still under difficult financial circumstances.



Kindergarten & Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme (KCFRS) 



Po Leung Kuk provides a variety of services for working parents and families in need.

  • Po Leung Kuk provides a variety of services for working parents and families in need.

    You can apply in person at the Creche. You can also download the application form and send to the Day Creche. Please contact our Day Crèches for more details.

  • 2 to 6 years old: Kindergarten

    You can apply for this service if your child is over 12 months old. Please bring your child for a visit, and applications can be done then (please also bring a copy of their birth certificate).
    You can also visit our website and download the application form and then forward it to the school. Please contact our kindergartens for more details.

Child Care Services 

The monthly fees of our day crèches are approved by the Social Welfare Department and are adjusted annually.  Please contact the day crèche directly. We provide baby formula, mattress and quilts. 

There are no other expenses, and if necessary, parents can apply for the Financial Assistance Scheme from the Student Financial Assistance Agency. Please contact the crèches directly for more details.

The school fees for our kindergartens are paid monthly for 12 months per year . School fees are approved by the Education Bureau.  Please contact the kindergarten directly for more information. We will provide a mattress, a quilt, and activity books.

Parents who have financial difficulties can also apply for the Financial Assistance Scheme from the Student Financial Assistance Agency.

Half an hour $6.5, One hour $13, Parents facing financial hardship can apply for fee remission.

In order to provide quality care services to the children, the staff-student ratio in PLK's kindergarten-cum-nursery is 1:11. We only have summer break and New Year Holidays.


The Kuk child care service adopts an integrated teaching method along with the thematic approach in pre-school education, with content covers six major Learning Areas, including language, early childhood mathematics, nature and living, arts and creativity, self and society, and physical fitness and health. Versatile extra-curricular activities are arranged for students to enrich real-life learning experience and widen their horizons. 

With toys and games elements, children can practice different learning aspects such as language, mathematical concepts, science and technology, and logical thinking through the use of the teaching aids. From "learning by doing" and "learning through play", to consolidate their studies. 

You can apply occasional child care services in our kindergarten cum nursery. They will provide a safe venue for parents or carers to place their children for temporary care as to enable them to attend their personal or urgent matters.

Po Leung Kuk provides government-subsidized rehabilitation services, including Integrated Programme in Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre, On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services, Early Education and Training Centres and Special Child Care Centres. Parents who wish to apply for the service for their children should first obtain recommendations from paediatrician, clinical psychologist/educational psychologist, or other qualified professionals as recognised by Social Welfare Department via child assessment. Parents can then approach social workers (from Integrated Family Service Centres or Medical Social Services Units) or staffs from rehabilitation service units for referrals to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department. Parents may also refer to the "Manual of Procedures for Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services - Subsystem for Disabled Pre-schoolers (CRSRehab-PS) (October 2018) (Revised Edition)   ( for details.

Early Education and Training Centres fees are charged in accordance to the requirements of the Social Welfare Department, with an annual basic fee of $148. For the Integrated Programme in Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre, there is no additional charge apart from the fees for the Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre. On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services and Special Child Care Centres services are free of charge.

Our Early Education and Training Centre and Special Child Care Centre both provide Occasional Child Care Service to children with special needs whose parents are temporarily unable to take care of their children due to various commitment or sudden engagement.


In addition, we also provide longer hours of child care assistance at some standalone special care child centres to meet the social needs of families and working parents.


For service details, please contact our service units listed below:


Occasional Child Care Service for Disabled Children:

Po Leung Kuk Malina Ngai (Sham Shui Po) Child Development Centre  Tel: 2955 1622

Po Leung Kuk Malina Ngai (Hoi Tat) Child Development Centre  Tel: 2590 0203

Po Leung Kuk Malina Ngai (Yuen Long) Child Development Centre  Tel: 2479 1901

Po Leung Kuk Chao King Lin Early Learning Centre  Tel: 2322 3030

Po Leung Kuk Wai Yin Association Child Development Centre  Tel: 2769 0208

Po Leung Kuk Angela Leong On Kei Child Development Centre  Tel: 2663 1254


Extended Hours Service:

Po Leung Kuk Malina Ngai (Sham Shui Po) Child Development Centre  Tel: 2955 1622

Po Leung Kuk Malina Ngai (Hoi Tat) Child Development Centre  Tel: 2590 0203

Po Leung Kuk Malina Ngai (Yuen Long) Child Development Centre  Tel: 2479 1901

Po Leung Kuk Chao King Lin Early Learning Centre  Tel: 2322 3030

We have Consulting and Supporting Centre for Parents under Po Leung Kuk Child Care Services Preschool Rehabilitation Services which provide charged professional assessment to children in need. An assessment report will be included after the assessment which parents can provide to social workers (such as social workers from the Integrated Family Service Centres) to apply for Pre-school Rehabilitation Services from the Social Welfare Department.


For more information on the charged assessment service, please contact our social workers from the Preschool Rehabilitation Service units listed at the following website:

Parents can first approach a school social worker about their concerns. The social worker can recommend appropriate services according to the needs of the student. From our past experience, individual counselling as well as talks, group work sessions and workshops on specific topics such as parent-child communication, effective disciplining skills and family volunteer projects can help parents build their knowledge and skills in parenting.

We provide residential care services for children and young people. We are a multi-faceted charity organization and provide many other services.

To ensure our residents can maintain their family relationships, we actively encourage them to take home leave during the holidays.

Service recipients of our vocational rehabilitation services are not the employees of Po Leung Kuk. They receive training allowance and performance reward based on their work and performance.

Occupational Therapy is rehabilitative therapy for people with temporary, permanent or developmental disabilities. Occupational therapists aim to enhance physical functioning, facilitate independent living, improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, and promote their reintegration into the community, through various therapeutic activities.

The following are the most typical symptoms of persons with dementia.  If you notice any of your family members showing some of these symptoms, please consult your family doctor:

  1. Memory impairment especially short term memory affecting self-care abilities. 
  2. Difficulty in performing familiar tasks. 
  3. Difficulty in expressing ideas and communicate with others.
  4. Disorientation towards time, place and person. 
  5. Poor or decreased ability in making decision or judgment. 
  6. Problems in abstract thinking and calculation.
  7. Misplacing things. 
  8. Moody and fluctuation on emotion.
  9. Changes in personality. 
  10. Loss of initiative.


(1) Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association-

(2) Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing - Knowing Dementia(Chinese version only)

No. A student may be keeping regular contact with their school social worker for assistance and guidance beyond the short-term not because they have problems. They might also just be on the developmental learning curve, seeking advice for difficult choices or simply providing the school social worker with feedback on a topic they have been discussing.

Clinical Psychology Services are directed at preventing and managing emotional and mental conflicts, as well as behavioural problems. Examples include excessive anxiety, phobias, depression, eating and weight control problems, developmental issues, identity crises, psychosexual dysfunction, family and relationship problems, personality disturbances, early psychosis, drug abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. 

(Quoted from Division of Clinical Psychology, The Hong Kong Psychological Society Ltd.)

If you suspect that your child is having speech or language difficulties, you can:

  • Contact the child's teachers concerned and seek their advice.
  • Visit your family doctor and request a referral by a registered doctor to the Child Assessment Centre of the Department of Health for a speech and language assessment.
  • Find a qualified Speech Therapist for a standard speech and language assessment.

No. All applications for residential child care services (and ordinary foster care services) must be assessed and referred to PLK by the Social Welfare Department or the welfare units of other non-governmental welfare organizations.