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Youth Services

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Our Vision

CONNECT Children and Youth and expand their social structure, with a solid grasp of their current needs and a forward-thinking and professional approach. Facilitate and establish, within the social structure, mutual understanding and good rapport, and build enthusiasm for contributing, inspiring, and providing for the FUTURE.



Our Mission

We are dedicated to nurture positive attitudes, core values, and key competencies of Children and Youth with social innovations and target group-oriented services, in preparation for future challenges. Our mission consists of developing the following among Children and Youth:

  • Healthy mindset and lifestyle
  • Correct use of media and ability to engage media critically
  • Key competencies for future development in a sustainable and positive capacity
  • Dedication in giving back to the social systems


Our Core Values

  • Professional: Based in reason
  • Innovative: Ingenuity out of the norm
  • Excellent: Lifelong learning
  • Sincere: Trustworthy
  • Respect: Coexist in individualities
  • Collaborative: Reciprocity