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educational service

Educational Services

The Kuk have 95 educational services units which are operating on a non-profit making basis. The Kuk's educational services units include a community college, a quality private independent school, aided secondary schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme secondary schools, aided primary schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme primary schools, private primary school, kindergartens, special schools with boarding facilities, education services centres, English learning centres, Pre-primary Education Services Centre, Central Library cum Resource Centre, Education and Research Testing Centre and Central Campus TV.

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two generation

Social Services

Adhering to the “people-oriented” philosophy and the mission of “protecting the young and the innocent, aiding the needy and nurturing the talents”, Po Leung Kuk is dedicated to serving the community with the aim of achieving “holistic development”. Under the principals of care, respect, equity, empowerment and pursuing excellence, we provide a wide spectrum of quality services and support to people in need, and strive for creating a caring, harmonious, barrier-free, inclusive, and loving society.    

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youth service

Youth Services

CONNECT Youth and expand their social structure, with a solid grasp of their current needs and a forward-thinking and professional approach. Facilitate and establish, within the social structure, mutual understanding and good rapport, and build enthusiasm for contributing, inspiring, and providing for the FUTURE.    

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Recreational Services

The two holiday camps of Po Leung Kuk offer non-profit making holiday camping services to the public at the sites granted by the Government, which are located inside the country parks with beautiful sceneries and well-equipped recreational facilities. Our vision is to become the most popular, most versatile and most creative recreational and training campsites in Hong Kong, as well as turning into green camps by implementing environmental friendly measures.    

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tour guide

Cultural Services

The Po Leung Kuk Museum was established in 1998 and is located in the Po Leung Kuk Main Building, a Grade 2 historic building on Leighton Road. The Museum is responsible for the acquisition, classification, preservation and conservation of the Kuk’s historical records, and assists scholars and former residents in their inquiries. The Museum opens to public free of charge, and regularly hosts new exhibitions and provides guided tours. Workshops and lectures on the history and culture of the Kuk are also held each year.

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heath service

Medical & Integrated Health Services

Po Leung Kuk adopts the concept of “Medsolink” to provide multifaceted and holistic healthcare to our service users through the close collaboration between our social services team and medical team.

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