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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Kwan Ti Hall

The Main Building has served Hong Kong for 90 years and has been a witness to many changes in our society. It is truly Po Leung Kuk’s historic landmark. This virtual tour will take you on a journey to explore Main Building, and visit places that are not open to the public.


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To provide optimal viewing and interaction experience, here are the mobile phones recommended requirements:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 or above
Ram: 6GB or above
Equipped with gyroscope
Latest OS version

iOS/iPadOS devices equipped with A11 Bionic or later processor
Latest iOS version

Main Building

Built in 1932, the Main Building of Po Leung Kuk has been home for countless of children admitted to the charity. Upgraded as a Grade I historic building by the Government in 2023, Main Building is a witness to the Kuk’s charitable works in Causeway Bay since the late 20th century, and is one of the few historical buildings that retain their original purposes.


With this virtual tour, you can wander through the Main Building and Po Leung Garden, as well as visit the permanent exhibition of Po Leung Kuk Museum online. 



A Place To Call Home: Po Leung Kuk Museum Historic Photo Online Exhibition