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po leung kuk seminar 2020

Po Leung Kuk Historical Lecture Series 2020

Po Leung Kuk Museum, in collaboration with Centre for Hong Kong History and Culture Studies, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe) and Society of Hong Kong History present this new series of historical lectures, discussing social issues in early 20th century Hong Kong and how did the Chinese community responded. 

(Lecture recordings available in Cantonese only.) 





Lecturers(according to lectures schedule):

Professor Siu Kwok Kin (Centre for Hong Kong History and Culture Studies)

Ms Yeung Sau Ling (Po Leung Kuk Museum)

Dr Billy Tang Ka Jau (Society of Hong Kong History)

Dr Wong King Chung (The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage)

Professor Yau Chi On (Centre for Hong Kong History and Culture Studies)


History through Architectures of 

Po Leung Kuk Headquarters
(Cantonese only)

Ms Yeung Sau Ling

Public Security Organisations for Chinese in early 20th Century Hong Kong

(Cantonese only)

Professor Siu Kwok Kin

Po Leung Kuk Directors and

Hong Kong Buddhism 

(Cantonese Only)

Dr Billy Tang Ka Jau


Divine Justice: Kwan Ti Beliefs and

Early Services of Po Leung Kuk

(Cantonese only)

Dr Wong King Chung

Charity Deeds of Po Leung Kuk Directors

in 1920 to 1940

(Cantonese Only)

Professor Yau Chi On


kwan ti


Po Leung Kuk and Kwan Ti Traditions

Located inside the Main Building, the Kwan Ti Hall houses the altar of Kwan Ti, the god of loyalty, justice, benevolence and courage. As one of the most loved spot of our Museum, it presents to visitors the Kuk’s culture of Kwan Ti worshipping.
This tradition can be traced back as early as the establishment of the Kuk in 19th century. From adoptions to marriages of the Kuk’s residents, many ceremonies were held solemnly in front of the altar of Kwan Ti. Each year, the Kuk celebrates the birthday of Kwan Ti on the 24th June of the lunar calendar, where past directors,government officials and dignitaries would be invited to join the Board to offer sacrifices to Kwan Ti and continue our tradition. Click on the videos below and learn more about Po Leung Kuk and Kwan Ti Traditions! 

(Videos available in Cantonese only.)


2019 Po Leung Kuk Kwan Ti Festival 

Po Leung Kuk and Kwan Ti Culture in Hong Kong (Part 1)

Po Leung Kuk and Kwan Ti Culture in Hong Kong (Part 2)

Po Learn From Home: Family Worksheets 


Fancy an educational and enjoyable time with your children? Download our family worksheets specially designed for kindergarten and primary school kids! 


Explore our rich and long history from our Kuk emblem and the historic Main Building! 


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