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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Po Leung Kuk Museum

History of a Charity 
The Spirit of Hong Kong

Located in the headquarters of Po Leung Kuk in Causeway Bay, Po Leung Kuk Museum is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the charity’s cultural heritage. The Museum shares its century-long historical episodes through precious collections and unveils the Kuk’s connection with the Hong Kong society.


In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, Po Leung Kuk Museum will be temporarily closed starting from 7 January (Friday) until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and review the arrangements in a timely manner. Please visit our Facebook page for the most updated info.

We aim to promote appreciation of Po Leung Kuk's

history to reflect its dynamism in evolving with

the changing needs of Hong Kong society.
to Preserve and maintain the Kuk's historical collections
Learn from our treasures and compile the history of our services
Knit the community together via century long experiences
     and promote the services of the Kuk   


Do you know?

Episodes of Po Leung Kuk since the 19th century



Protecting the Innocent

Protecting the Innocent

Po Leung Kuk was originally established as an anti-kidnapping society by Chinese merchants to counter the then prevalent crime of kidnapping of women and children. Gradually, the society also reached out to refugees and victims of domestic abuses, and became one of the earliest social welfare providers for Chinese in the city.

Educating the Youth

Educating the Youth

In the 1950s, the Kuk noticed the increase of children lacking education and its Board of Directors contributed towards the creation of a free evening school, which brought not only education, but also food relief to children from poor backgrounds.

 A Living Heritage

A Living Heritage

The Main Building is the oldest architecture in the Po Leung Kuk headquarters. Built in 1932, it is registered as a Grade 2 Historic Building. Despite its long history, the Main Building continues to serve as the home of the Kuk’s children. 

Home for Culture

Home for Culture

The headquarters of Po Leung Kuk has preserved stone couplets and inscriptions from the past decades. Composed and written by famous literati from the Qing Dyansty, the commemorative works hold enormous artistic and cultural values.




Our Services

We collect, compile, preserve and conserve the Kuk’s cultural treasures to participate in the safeguarding of Hong Kong’s history.






Academic Research

Academic Research

The Museum collects items and documents dated back to the late 19th century since the establishment of Po Leung Kuk, including minutes, statements, photographs, admittance records and annual reports, etc. We welcome application of accessing our archival collections for academic researches or other educational purposes.


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Contact Information

66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
2277 8484
2895 3935
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays 09:30 - 17:30
Close on Sundays and Public Holidays

To Reach Us

After arriving at the headquarters of Po Leung Kuk, please walk along Caroline Hill Road to the intersection with Link Road. Enter through the archway with motorway. The Museum is in the white-coloured Main Building on ground floor.

Suggested Transportation

MTR – Reach Causeway Bay Station and take exit F. Walk along Yun Ping Road to reach Leighton Road.
Bus – 8X, 10, 19, 601, 678, 680 lines reach Leighton Road directly.
Minibus – 39M, 40, 56 reach Leighton Road directly.


No public parking space available