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Volunteer Recruitment

To build a caring society, caring companies of any business nature and scale and caring individuals regardless of your gender, education level, profession, nationality, race and religion are welcome to join as Po Leung Kuk volunteer.


Types of Volunteer Service

  • Recreational Activity
  • Workshop/Small Group Teaching Class
  • Visit of Service Units
  • Escort Service for Medical Appointment
  • Domestic Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Sharing
  • Child Care
  • Homework Guidance
  • Translation

caring each other

caring each other

Mission of Po Leung Kuk Volunteer

To the community, you can

    • Help the needy from all walks of life
    • Foster the caring spirit

    To the Individual, you can

      • Discover more about yourself
      • Broaden your horizons
      • Develop a sense of responsibility
      • Enrich your life experience and explore more possibilities

      To the Corporation, you can

        • Enhance the corporate image
        • Accomplish your corporate mission
        • Foster a sense of belonging


        Individual Volunteer

        An individual volunteer is someone who contributes their personal time to serve the community. 

        Be Volunteer


        Corporate Volunteer

        Let’s team up and join! Your participations in “Children Sponsorship Programme” and “District Elderly Campaign” connect your teams with children and elderly at Po Leung Kuk. Please do not hesitate to share and serve.

        For enquiries, please email to [email protected] or call at (+852) 2277 8352. Thank you for joining Po Leung Kuk!


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