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Nurturing Talents ‧ Caring Employees

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Nurturing Talents

Staff Development

Po Leung Kuk devotes substantial resources in staff training. By offering diversified training and educational funds, all staff are supported and encouraged to pursue further studies to acquire and enhance their expertise and competencies, in order to prepare for the challenges on their future works. 


Over the past year, the Kuk provided more than 150 training programmes to about 1,500 employees in social services units, with topics covering administrative management, service development and information technology. Staff also had access to exchange opportunities to gain first-hand operational and management experience from overseas social service organisations, and applied relevant knowledge into their work to respond to the evolving service needs of the society.


The Kuk strives for advancement in teaching standards by arranging regular education seminars and talks for staff in 100 affiliated educational units regularly. We invite experts to conduct training covering different themes such as moral education for students, positive education, special educational needs and legal knowledge. Additionally, cross-border exchange programmes are held to strengthen the all-round teaching capacity of our teaching staff.   


Internship Opportunities

As one of the sizable organisations in Hong Kong, Po Leung Kuk attaches great importance to nurturing talents, assisting the young generation to realise their potentials and contribute to the society. The Kuk provides internships to undergraduate students from teacher training, social work and counselling courses over the years. In year 2019-20, we offered the internship opportunities as teachers and social workers for over 300 students, with the total internship hours of more than 15,000 hours.


Meanwhile, we have launched the “Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme” for students enrolled in associate degree/ higher diploma/ bachelor degree programmes. Interns are allocated to different departments according to the subjects they studied. The scope of works involves event planning, administrative management, clerical support, financial administration and corporate communications, equipping them with comprehensive skills to join the workforce in the future.




Caring Employees

Our staff are the most valuable assets of Po Leung Kuk. The well-being of the employees is always our prime concern. We review our human resources management measures and staff welfare policies regularly in pursuit of creating a safe and family-friendly working environment and enabling the employees to achieve work-life balance.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Adhering to the “people-oriented” philosophy, the Kuk has been implementing policies related to equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion. Joining the Equal Opportunity Employer Recognition Scheme held by Equal Opportunities Commission, the Kuk has been honoured with the title of Equal Opportunity Employer, recognising our efforts in promoting gender equality, equality for diverse abilities and family status equality.

EO employer

Occupational Health and Safety

In order to arouse employees’ awareness of occupational health and safety and safeguard their health, the Kuk strictly complies with the “Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance”, and invites nursing staff of the Occupational Health Services to give talks to our employees on a quarterly basis. The seminar explains the concept of occupational health, illustrates the possible health hazards in working environment and advises on the respective preventive measures, so as to minimise the possibility of employees sustaining injuries at work and occupational diseases, and ensure a safe and healthy working environment at all times.


Family-friendly Policies

The Kuk enforces a range of family-friendly policies to provide our people with a flexible and family-friendly working environment. We were awarded as the “Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers” and “Awards for Breastfeeding Support” in the “2017/18 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme” presented by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council. Apart from the aforementioned awards, the Kuk received the “Special Mention (Gold)” award, which is a commendation of our records as “Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers” for three consecutive years, and recognises our achievements in promoting family-friendly policies.


Staff Engagement Activities                                       

Every staff is the heart and soul of Po Leung Kuk. We organise multi-faceted recreational activities and interest classes to our staff for the objectives of building strong teamwork, increase their sense of belongings, and maintain the work-life balance.