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Creative Art and Culture Services

  1. Artistic Nourishment for Growth
    Providing professional artistic experiences and fostering creative thinking education to enhance young people's interest in and broaden their perspectives on cultural arts, so as to nurtures their inner growth and holistic development.
  2. Cultural Inspiration for Imagination
    Bringing resources from various sectors to cultivate and connect talents in arts and culture, establishing platforms for communication and cooperation among young artists to inspires their creativity and imagination.
  3. Creative Connections to the Future
    Encouraging young people to serve the community through artistic and creative thinking, becoming community leaders who drive public engagement and discussions. This promotes sustainable social development and brings about positive impact to society.

Three Main Core Services

Young Artists-in-Residence@V54

V54 was built in the 1920s and confirmed as a Grade III Historic Building. The house was loaned by the former Chairman, Miss Angela Leong, BBS for the implementation of "Young Artist in Residence@V54" since 2016. Aimed at promoting youth creativity, we provide short-term residence at a lower rate and support to the local and international artists. Resident artists will be inspired to create new works and encouraged to give back the society through arts appreciation activities free for youth from low-income families.


"Art Education Services"

This service collaborates with various local artists from different fields to organize in-school art activities, sharing sessions, and community-based projects. It aims to enrich students' learning experiences and artistic perspectives comprehensively, while enhancing their expressive abilities and creative thinking.



"Community Arts and Culture Services"

This service aims to bring resources and efforts from various sectors, connecting different stakeholders in society to create shared value through arts and culture. It encourages young people to give back to the community through artistic and innovative spirits, enhancing humanistic care, community engagement, and a sense of belonging. The goal is to create a creative and locally vibrant artistic community that embodies both creativity and local identity.





For enquiries and more details:

Youth Community Arts Centre

Address: 54 Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Tel:5726 5454

Email:[email protected]