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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Po Leung Kuk Museum     

Po Leung Heritage
Architectural and Cultural Heritage Self-Guided Tour

Built in 1932, the Main Building of Po Leung Kuk has been home for countless of children admitted to the charity. Upgraded as a Grade I historic building by the Government in 2023, Main Building is a witness to the Kuk’s charitable works in Causeway Bay since the late 20th century, and is one of the few historical buildings that retain their original purposes.


This self-guided tour allows visitors to appreciate the Main Building’s architectural features, and at the same time to explore the historical and cultural stories behind it. There are four themes in total. Please click on image of each topic and enjoy text guide.


Audio Guide


Thematic Areas

Pick one of the thematic areas and enjoy text guide at each point of interest.


Protecting the Innocent

Po Leung Architecture

The architectural style of the Main Building is predominately neo-classical, with an emphasis on structural simplicity and solemnness. Contemporary Art Deco style, popular at that time, was also incorporated into the design as an artistic touch. The combination of tradition and contemporary is an visual representation of the Kuk’s pragmatic and enterprising aspirations.

Educating the Youth

Classics & Traditions

Contrary to the façade designed with Western architectural influence, the Main Building’s corridors are decorated with Chinese stone couplets and inscriptions. Written by former Qing imperial scholar-officials, who were well-versed figures in Chinese classics in their time, these stone couplets and inscriptions are not only documentation of history, but also possess rich artistic value in calligraphy and  carries the tradition of Chinese classics.

 A Living Heritage

Culture of Charity

Established in 1878, Po Leung Kuk is one of the oldest charitable organisations in Hong Kong and has formed its unique tradition and culture along the way. Traditional elements like porcelain photos, paintings and inscriptions to celebration of our patron god Kwan Ti’s blessings, as well as Po Leung Kuk’s charitable spirit allow the Kuk stand unique amongst Hong Kong’s charitable organisations.

Home for Culture

Po Leung Garden

The lush greenery maintained in front of the Main Building has been providing a secluded and tranquil retreat in the bustling environment for its residing children. With the King Yin Pavilion inspired by Chinese Renaissance architectural style set against the Western-style Main Building in the background, the duo embodies the essence of East meets West in Hong Kong.