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All are welcome to celebrate the 145th Anniversary of Po Leung Kuk

Po Leung Kuk has always been at the heart of Hong Kong, launching services to tie in with the development and demands of the society. Po Leung Kuk is celebrating the 145th Anniversary this November. We cordially invite all of you to join the following two celebratory activities to witness our touching stories.


  • The "Po Leung Kuk 145th Anniversary: Building Charity with Benevolence" Exhibition is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Po Leung Kuk Museum, displaying around 220 Kuk’s valuable historical collections. The exhibition is now open free of charge, allowing the public to retrace the charitable footsteps made by the Kuk for over a century.
  • The Kuk has officially established the Youth Affairs Department this November. In celebration of our 145th Anniversary and to connect with youths, the Kuk has launched a new theme song and music video, “Colour Our Future Together”, by involving recipients of our youth service to take up the roles of composing, lyrics writing, singing and choreography. Recipients of Kuk’s different service sectors were invited to perform in the video, promoting our service’s objective of “striving and thriving together for a colourful life. (

We would like to give a vote of thanks to our staff and the general public, as well as our donors and generous corporate organisations. Thank you for your continuous support and let us uphold our motto “Benefitting the Community, Connecting Benevolence”.


145th Anniversary of Po Leung Kuk