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In-kind Donation

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In addition to cash donations, we also welcome in-kind donations to fulfill the basic needs of our service recipients,

particularly children, the elderly and low-income families!

Guidelines for in-kind donations

Accepted items

Non-accepted items

  • Food (with a shelf life of three months or more; except for festival food such as moon cakes, glutinous rice dumplings etc. – subject to the Kuk’s decision after taking the factors of related distribution arrangement and time schedule etc. into consideration)
  • Clothing, handbags and accessories, brand new or used, in good and clean condition
  • Daily necessities, cleaning and hygiene products, anti-epidemic items, shoes, dolls in brand new condition
  • Furniture, toys, stationeries, books, gifts, etc. in clean and good condition
  • Stationery appliances, televisions, computers (including desktops, laptops, and tablets) in good working condition
  • Services (including sponsored events, tickets, gift certificates, etc.)
  • Expired or soon to be expired food
  • Damaged and unclean clothing and items
  • Second-hand underwear, towels, shoes and socks or other intimate clothing
  • Second-hand bed mattresses or bedding, kitchen utensils, dolls
  • Second-hand household appliances (such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators etc.)
  • Uniforms, curtains, fur products, pharmaceuticals items
  • Promotional materials, textbooks, books/magazines containing pornographic, violent or evil spirit content


For enquiries, please contact:

Individual Donation

Corporate Donation

[email protected]

[email protected]

2277 8131

2277 8352