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Bank of China (Hong Kong) Donation Programmes

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The Kuk received a generous donation of HK$50 million from Bank of China (Hong Kong) to support a range of the Kuk’s service programmes in 5 years and address the needs of people from all walks of life. The programmes cover different themes including: competitions and indepth community photography tours etc. to enhance the youth and public’s understanding and appreciation towards their community; utilisation of innovative technology to improve the quality of life for the elderly and the disabled; building resilience in children through character nurturing activities; child care support after school, tutoring support and child care services for grassroots families and children; medical assistance programme, etc. The various programmes have benefited over 255,000 beneficiaries to date and is projected to support 382,000 beneficiaries in total.


In addition to making generous donations to the Kuk to support the implementation of various service programmes, Bank of China (Hong Kong) also organised volunteer teams to participate in activities of the Kuk, including packing gift packs and visiting the elderly to deliver care and festive blessings as well as preparing and distributing food packs with students from affiliated schools to grassroots families. Teams also helped provide life planning information to students and participated in the Kuk’s online handicrafts workshop and donated their creations to community members etc.