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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Couplets and Chinese Classics




  • Among the many Po Leung Kuk’s couplets, Cen Guang-yue contributed the most in terms of quantity.
  • Similar to the circumstance of Zhu Ru-zhen, Cen received the highest degree from the last imperial examination and was awarded junior compiler  in the Hanlin Academy. His personal seal “jiachenhanlin”(meaning Hanlin status received in 1904) was inscribed on each couplet to demonstrate his former status in the Qing court.

  • Since the 1920s, Cen began lecturing and lend his skill of calligraphy in Hong Kong. Brushing with the style of Zhao Meng-fu with influence from the Tang Dyansty, Cen’s works were much welcomed by the Hong Kong community.

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