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Po Leung Kuk Museum

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Commemorative Painting of Ho Sze Shi


  • HO SZE Shi, or SZE tai, was the ancestor of the famous Hotung family in Hong Kong and mother of Sir Robert Hotung, Ho Fook and Ho Kom-tong.
  • Sir Robert Hotung, a well-known philanthropist, was one of the longest serving members of Po Leung Kuk. Starting as vice-chairman in 1886, he became an advisor to the Kuk until his death in 1950s, which totaled to almost 70 years.

  • In 1930, Sir Robert Hotung donated $30,000 to the construction of the new headquarters of Po Leung Kuk in Causeway Bay, which was one-third of the total cost. To commemorate his donation, the hall on the ground floor of Main Building was named after his mother – the Ho Sze Shi Memorial Hall (also known as Kwan Ti Hall).

  • Sir Robert Hotung is a distinguished example of early Kuk directors, who devoted his life to charity and improvements of the living conditions of the Chinese population. By increasing social service resources and encouraging fundraisings, Sir Robert Hotung was emulated by his contemporaries.


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