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Life Planning and Entrepreneurship Development Services

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Life Planning and Entrepreneurship Development Services


Providing a one-stop life planning and entrepreneurship development services and support for youth


We believe that our 'Future World' calls for the development of 'Future Skills' in the youth, in order to meet the challenges posed by the fast-changing environment. Therefore, Po Leung Kuk Life Planning and Financial Education Centre provides workshops on subjects such as Technology Application and Design Thinking, to nurture the youth's Creativity, Innovativeness, Complex Problem Solving Skills, Communication and Collaboration Abilities, Empathetic Thinking, and more; to cultivate talents ready for the future.


Entrepreneurship support services aim to assist the youth in establishing comunication networks, developing relevant skills and knowledge, launching their businesses, and promoting cooperation for business growth. We provide co-working space for youth, on/offline entrepreneurial courses, business exchanges and consultations, funding support, and a physical platform for startup entrepreneurs. Moreover, we also provide youth entrepreneurs with training and practice platforms to cultivate in them entrepreneurial spirit.


Our Services: