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Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis

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Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis



To support the “Youth Hostel Scheme” of the HKSAR Government, Po Leung Kuk is developing a 27-storeyed youth hostel named “Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis” at 18 Tai Shu Ha Road West, Yuen Long. The land is donated by The Lee Shau Kee Foundation Fund and the construction cost is fully funded by the Government whilst the hostel will be operated by Po Leung Kuk.


The Youth Oasis will have 1,680 spaces to accommodate working youth aged between 18 to 30. With a maximum 5 year leasing period, Po Leung Kuk has pledged to offer an affordable rent level at 50% of the market rent.


Oasis is an area in a desert where there is water and plants can grow. It provides a place for rest during traveling, short stay or offering supplies, which is also a spot for gathering, sharing and cultural exchange.


Naming the hostel as Youth Oasis, Po Leung Kuk aims to provide a happy living space with high level of privacy to each selected tenant. In addition, Youth Development Services will be in place to help expand their interpersonal networks, facilitate sharing, self-actualization and promote social responsibility, in order to nurture their future.


3 Youth Development Services Focus6 Series of Youth Development Services
  • Health and Happiness
  • Development and Sharing
  • Responsibility and Giving Back
  • Life Skills Training
  • Career Aptitude Development
  • Interest and Community establishment
  • Green Life Culture
  • Creative Multimedia Platform
  • Voluntary Service

The application is expected to begin in 2022. Admission is upcoming and pre-registration is welcome now.