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Young Artist in Residence @ V54

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Young Artist-in-Residence@V54


Since the launch of the project in 2016, it has provided shortterm residence at a lower rent to local and international artists and supported their cultural exchange, to promote diverse arts experiences in the community. By integrating history and living areas, it offers young artists a broad creative platform to continue their creation or research. The residency project emphasises the connection between arts and community. We encourage resident artists to deepen public engagement with diverse cultural experience and empower young people by arranging inspiring arts activities and creative education.


Organisation Application  Individual Application  Application Guideline


Service Targets: Young artists from local and overseas aged 18 to 40



Angela Leong Charitable Foundation


About Residencies

V54 is a French mansion that was certified as a Grade III Historic Building. The mansion was loaned by our former Chairman, Miss Angela Leong, BBS, for the implementation of “Young Artist-in-Residence@ V54”.


The mansion has single and double rooms, ranging from 60 to 190 square feet. Each floor has individual showers, bathrooms, and kitchens, along with shared facilities such as the garden, living room, and multipurpose activity room. This provides young artists a distinctive accommodation, creative spaces and experience that incorporate with the community.


About Eligibility

  1. All year rounded application. 1-6 months residency period.
  2. Local and international artists aged between 18 to 40.
  3. Applicants should possess a bachelor's degree or above in a relevant field of arts and culture, or have a minimum of two years of working experience in a related industry.
  4. Application of international artists and groups should be submitted through registered local arts or cultural organisations.


About 54, Village Road, Happy Valley

Built in the 1920s, the V54 is one of the few remaining pre-war private mansions. It is a threestory French architectural style house that adapted popular Art Deco in the last century. The main entrance features granite staircases. The garden fence is mainly made from plaster. The exterior shows imitations of stone carvings and arched doorframes and windows. The building has separate wooden staircases for the homeowner and servants (also known as the “maid staircase”), chimneys that pass through every floor, baroque floor tiles, and a backyard.


Originally designed as a symmetrical two-unit building, the mansion has undergone changes through time and ownership. Currently, only half of the building remains at 54 Village Road, becoming one of the well-preserved historical buildings in Happy Valley.




For more details, please contact us:

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