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Po Leung Kuk Life Planning & Financial Education Centre was founded in October 2012 by Po Leung Kuk on a self-financing basis with the support from the government and various external parties. The Centre aims at providing value education pertaining to life planning and financial education for students of different ages, as well as their parents and teachers. 




Against the background of a rapidly changing world, we believe that children and youth are required to grasp concepts about life planning, to equip relevant techniques, to plan for their life ahead in a sustainable and proactive manner, as well as to overcome various hurdles in order to accomplish life goals. Equally important are attitudes and habits about personal financial management, which lays the foundation for achievements in life. 


  • Acknowledge oneself: Understand one’s character and capability. Identify goals and aspirations. Establish the crucial bridgehead for life planning. 
  • Get to know the world: Get to know the situation about workplace and the society, which is analogous to having a map for adventure, so that students are able to plan strategically.
  • Consolidate strength: Meeting the academic and industrial requirements on abilities and attributes and cultivating key abilities and techniques, the youth can achieve life goals more easily and overcome the hurdles brought about by social changes.
  • Seize the future: Integrating the three qualities above, as well as techniques in life planning, facilitates the youth in setting out their plan for the future. 



As a lifelong mission, life planning aims at scaffolding children and youth in accomplishing their goals across life stages. Life planning is also one of the key components of holistic development at school age, the objectives of which include: knowing oneself; setting goals, cultivating abilities, and learning about academic articulation and career development. 


Indispensable to life planning, education on financial literacy aims at laying solid financial foundation, on which individual and familial life goals are built. Addressing the developmental needs of children and youth, we adopt interactive methods to enhance students’ financial literacy in such aspects as knowledge, ability, motive, values, and attitude. Our Centre strives for providing quality services for wider recipients with different social needs to consolidate their ability in planning for life and finance. 


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Life Planning & Financial Education Centre 

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