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Youth Entrepreneurship Service Centre



Youth Entrepreneurship Service Center (YES) aims to provide entrepreneurial support, funding, and incubation services for young individuals who are interested in starting their own businesses. Our objective is to inspire their entrepreneurial spirit, foster innovative thinking among youth, and assist them in acquiring the necessary knowledge and soft skills for establishing and running a business. We provide entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial guidance, financial support, business training, exhibition platforms, entrepreneurial competitions and other services.  


Our Values

Entrepreneurship is one of the key focuses in youth development. We are the people who want you to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey the most. We provide personalized services to entrepreneurs, offering solutions to their problems and accompanying them in their growth.  



  1. Venture Companion  
    We aim to provide personalized services and sustainable support to young entrepreneurs at different stages of their development and based on their specific needs. Our goal is to support creative startups and young individuals in their entrepreneurial endeavors while fostering local cultural, artistic, and innovative technological development.
  2. Dream launch entrepreneurial journey  
    We assist young entrepreneurs in developing their business plans and connect them with business networks to enhance their resources and connections. Through a diverse range of services, including entrepreneurial coaching, funding support, business training, exhibition platforms, and entrepreneurial competitions, we aim to strengthen their capabilities and provide more opportunities for young individuals to realize their ideas and creativity.  


Target Groups

Young entrepreneurs aged 18-40 who are interested in starting their own business, with a focus on nurturing Hong Kong local brands and startups primarily engaged in “solving social problems”, "cultural creativity" and "innovative technology/techniques"  


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Youth Entrepreneurship Service Centre

地址:Unit 1210-14, 41 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, H.K.

Tel.:2114 3940

Fax.:2114 3946

Email:[email protected]